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How To Change From Address

How to Change From Address

A fundamental element of an email service is sending emails. Zoho Mail provides rich text format editors for sending properly formatted emails.

Since Zoho Mail is designed for sending business communications & normal correspondences Zoho’s mail policy prohibits sending mass emails or marketing emails to unknown senders.

You may be considering how to use a different email alias for sending emails such as your configured group email address (e.g. [email protected]). Let’s see how we can achieve this;

Access Email Composer/ Editor

Click the New Mail button in the left pane, to open the Zoho Mail composer, with Rich Text Formatting options. The composer opens in a tab.

The composer includes the following:

  • From: The From address can be selected from the drop-down which contains the main email address of your account, your email aliases, and the external email addresses configured. The corresponding Display name will also be displayed next to the selected email address. Refer here for instructions to configure external email address as a From Address.
  • To: Specify the direct recipients of the email here. The organization email addresses will be available from the AutoFill. Click the To Label, to open the address book and choose an email address from the address book.
  • Cc (Carbon Copy): Specify the recipients to whom the email should be copied. When you add an email address in Cc, other recipients will be able to view the addresses.
  • Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy): Specify the recipients to whom the email should be copied, without exposing the email addresses to others. The other recipients will not know about the email addresses in Bcc.
  • Subject: Title or a Short Summary of the contents of the email


Steps to Change From Address

To change your from address from your primary email to another email alias, consider the following;

    1. Click the From Label to expand the drop-down list of all configured From Email Addresses/Group Mails/Aliases.
  1. Select the address you wish to send from in the list of addresses.
    NB: If you’re part of a group and are allowed to send from your group email address e.g. [email protected], you will find the group email aliases from the drop down list. Select and send emails from your preferred group email address.


Groups or Distribution Lists are common email addresses, shared by a set of users for a common purpose. When an email is sent to the group account, a copy of email gets delivered to all the individual members of the Group. This email delivery can be controlled by Moderation Settings and Permissions.

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